Consumption and Labor Income Profiles Release

Consumption and Labor Income profiles for 23 NTA countries

In all modern societies, there are extended periods of dependency at the beginning and the end of life: children and the elderly consume more resources than they produce through their own labor, while working-age adults produce more than they consume. In each country where data have been analyzed, consumption exceeds labor income for two long periods of life. These bracket around 30 years during which more is being produced than consumed. This pattern is remarkably similar among countries, at widely different stages of economic development.

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Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason, lead authors and editors, 2011.  Population aging and the generational economy:  A global perspective. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.


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consumption and labor income release.

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Hungary and Kenya only has data available to 80 years of age. For the purposes of data visualization only, the 80+ age category figures have been applied to ages 80 to 90+








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