Microdistributional NTA

2020 National Transfer Accounts (NTA) Workshop on Micro-Distributional NTA: Investigating Inequality, Human Capital, and Changing Population Composition in a Longitudinal Context

Organized by the Berkeley Center of the Economics and Demography of Aging and the East-West Center

Conveners: Ronald Lee, Gretchen Donehower, Andrew Mason, Sang-Hyop Lee

May 4/5 (WS I) & May 11/12 (WS II), 2020

The goal of the workshop is to focus on topics in a longitudinal micro-distributional context: inequality, human capital, and changing population composition in recent decades and in the future.

Workshop I Presentations (May 4/5)

Bernhard Hammer, Combining Income and Consumption Data at Household Level: an Analysis of Intra-household Transfers Based on NTA Micro Data

 Presentation: CEDA2020 Hammer

Robert Gal, Marton Medgyesi and Pieter Vanhuysse, The transfer cost of parenthood: Parents and non-parents in NTA

 Paper: CEDA2020 Gal
 Presentation: CEDA2020 Gal2

Hippolyte d’Albis, Intra-cohort Income Inequalities in France

 Presentation: CEDA2020 dAlbis

Gretchen Donehower, Ron Lee, Michael Abrigo, Andy Mason, US micro-NTA: Trends and Distribution

 Presentation: CEDA2020 Lee
 Presentation: CEDA2020 Donehower

Workshop II Presentations (May 11/12)

Uncertainty in NTA estimates

GWAs and capital accounts

 McCarthy et al, GWA: did public and private inter-generational transfers offset each other over the financial crisis CEDA2020 McCarthy
 Mason  Observations about wealth accounts CEDA 2020 Mason 

NTA and Distributional National Accounts (Saez, Zucman, and Piketty)

 Sefton observations CEDA2020 Sefton
 Gal observations CEDA2020 Gal3
 Lee and Mason observations CEDA2020 Lee Mason

Discussion continues

Julien Navaux, Public transfer inflows and outflows by immigration status in Canada CEDA2020 Navaux

Joint work and sharing databases

Detailed workshop I agenda: microdistributional nta agenda

Detailed workshop II agenda: microdistributional nta agenda II

gstockma: (Thu Jun 4 06:18:37 2020 )

During the May 11th meeting, several working groups were suggested:

  • Uncertainty/bootstrapping methods and NTA
  • Capital accounts and bequests
  • NTA vs. Distributional National Accounts
  • Long-term Care








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