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7 October 2020: Workshop On National Transfer Accounts Opens in Monrovia in FrontPage Africa.

7 October 2020: UNECA Initiates Training for GoL Staff to Produce NTA Profile on Liberia in Liberian Daily Observer. By David A. Yates.


29 May 2019: Changes in intergenerational transfers in the United States from 1961 to 2016 in CENIE. By Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason.

23 Abril 2019: Intergenerational transfers and aging in Spain, an analysis from 1970 to the present in CENIE. By Guadalupe Souto Nieves. Click here for English Translation

17 April 2019: UNFPA expert: Demographic transition to be one of smoothest in Azerbaijan in AZERNEWS. By Robert Ivan Gal.

18 March 2019: Population aging and fiscal challenges in China in IUSSP news magazine. By Feng Wang, Ke Shen, and Yong Cai.

10 March 2019: National Transfer Accounts in Spain: 1900-1970 (in Spanish) on CENIE: Centro Internacional sobre el Envejecimiento website. By Concepcion Patxot Cardoner.

26 February 2019: China isn’t having enough babies in The New York Times. An opinion piece by Wang Feng and Yong Cai based in part on NTA research.

22 January 2019: Statistics Korea Releases NTA data in The World on Arirang [in English]

22-23 January 2019: Major Korean newspapers covered the release of NTA data by Statistics Korea.

For the first time, Statistics Korea has made data from the National Transfer Accounts available as a component of official government statistics. The data, which show how finances are redistributed between age groups, will be used as a basis for developing national pension and health insurance policies.


27 May 2018: The young get more than the old out of society, but they get less from the state in The Independent.

Based on NTA research, Pieter Vanhuysse finds that Europe is a continent of pro-elderly welfare states, embedded within societies composed of strongly child-oriented families.


8 July 2017: The Economist special report on the Economics of Longevity draws on NTA analysis. Two articles in this special report quote NTA members Andrew Mason and Ronald Lee:

17 April 2017: Sang-Hyop Lee on the middle-income trap and demographic crisis in Asia in Asia Experts Forum.

10 January 2017: China Daily, Strategies for addressing demographic challenges, article by NTA's Andrew Mason in China Daily.


2 March 2016: CCTV America program, Workers in China have mixed feelings about retirement age increase, features an interview with NTA's Andrew Mason. As the Chinese government considers raising the retirement age, Mason sees several opportunities for improvement. Read the article and see the interview on the CCTV website.


9 October 2014: Global Study: Low Birth Rates Can Bring Surprising Economic Benefits in East-West Wire.

9 October 2014: Low Birth Rates Can Actually Pay Off in the U.S. in Science Blog.

9 October 2014: Global Study: Low Birth Rates Can Bring Surprising Economic Benefits in Huffpost Science.

9 October 2014: Low Birth Rates Pay Off - In the Short Term in Science 2.0.

9 October 2014: Low birth Rate Trends Suggest Americans Could Be Happier with Fewer Children in Medical Daily.

10 October 2014: Zu niedrige Geburtenrate in Österreich in Die Presse.

10 October 2014: Low Birth Rates Can Actually Pay Off in the U.S. and Other Countries, in HealthCanal.

10 October 2014: Having More Kids Isn't Best for Every Country in Futurity: Research News from Top Universities.

10 October 2014: Lower Birth Rates Could Help Stimulate the Economy, Says Report in City A.M.

17 October 2014: Economic Benefits of Low Birth Rates on Hawaii Pubic Radio.

30 October 2014: International Team Reveal How Low Birth Rates Can Bring Economic Benefits in Imperial College London News.

19 November 2014: Andrew Mason of East-West Center discusses global birth rates in CCTV America.


11 July 2013: The Global Age Transition and Economic Prospects - by Andrew Mason in Elgar Blog.


25 September 2012: NTA members Naohiro Ogawa, Mathana Phananiramai, and Andrew Mason were featured in an article in The Thailand newspaper The Nation titled "Care for Elderly but Avoid Errors". The article emphasizes that nations will face problems as "the result of maintaining a decades-old retirement age without changing it to match the longer life expectancy", and that "proper planning and an appropriate financing scheme are key [...] to achieve a sustainable scheme to support its ageing population".

25 September 2012: An article, titled Trade and Budget Deficits; Now Life Cycle Deficit in Thailand's The Nation features NTA and offers some thoughts on the lifecycle deficit.

August 2012: An essay by Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason appeared in Global Trends 2030, a blog sponsored by the National Intelligence Council (NIC). The essay, titled Population Aging and the Welfare State in Europe compares Sweden, Germany, and Spain in the context of their demographic change and support systems.

19 August 2012: Comments by Andrew Mason were featured in an article in Pakistan's The Express Tribune, titled Pakistan Unable to Profit from Youth Bulge: Study. The article discusses a paper by political economist Dr S Akbar Zaidi, who looks at the demographic transition in Pakistan. "According to the paper, the number of people in the young age group (15-49 years) and the total labour force are projected to nearly double by 2050. This requires a growth strategy that focuses on creating employment and having high employment elasticity, but the paper notes that economy and policy-making are currently unable to profit from this ‘dividend’ of demographic transition."

10 July 2012: Andrew Mason wrote an article for The China Daily titled How to Meet Population Challenges. It features NTA estimates showing how low labor income is for middle-aged adults in China as compared with India and other Asian countries.

26 June 2012: M.R. Narayana wrote an article for the Indian news paper The Deccan Herald titled "Can Universal Pension Scheme Work?". It contributes to current public debates on universal pension schemes at the state level in India with emphasis on the usefulness on NTA methodology and the need to construct NTAs at state level for India's 12th Five-Year Plan.

19 June 2012: M.R. Narayana published an article in India's national newspaper The Hindu: Business Line, titled Pensioners Aren’t Having a Free Lunch. The article contributed to current public debates on a universal pension scheme for unorganized workers by using NTA methodology.

30 May 2012: Veja magazine interviewed Ronald Lee (in Portuguese) Ronald_Lee_Veja_30-05-2012

2012: Javier Olivera published an article about NTA in Peru (in Spanish) (in Spanish) Ampliando la medición del bono

21 May 2012: The Vienna University of Technology News published an article by Bernhard Hammer and Alexia Prskawetz (in German) comparing Austria and Sweden in terms of resource reallocations across age groups. The paper on which the article was based in available in English as NTA Austria vs Sweden.

24 March 2012: The Economist published an article on Brazil's pension plan, quoting Bernardo Queiroz, a member of Brazil's NTA research team.


29 December 2011: Dr. Sonalde Desai published an article, titled After the Demographic Dividend in India's Business Standard newspaper based on the NTA book Population Aging and the Generational Economy.

27 September 2011: Nigeria's This Day newspaper published an article titled Why Nigerians Must Pay Tax that reported on Nigeria's NTA Dissemination Workshop and quoted NTA researcher Adedoyin Soyibo extensively. The article's focus is on a peculiarly Nigerian malaise: overdependence on asset income from oil and a weak tax base. NTA Nigeria News01.

1 June 2011: Andy Mason published an editorial in The China Daily: Economics of aging population. In addition, Honolulu's Star-Advertiser ran an article based on the NTA project findings: Aging of Asia.

21 May 2011: Joze Sambt and his colleagues published an article in the Slovenian newspaper Delo on the importance of the pension reform that the Slovenian government had passed in December 2010, but which was subject to referendum. The referendum took place in June 2011, but the reform failed to pass. See the article Sobotna-priloga_Sambt-Cok (in Slovenian).


2010: Impact magazine published an interview with Ronald Lee Ron_LEE_Impact_Interview_2010.

November 2010: NTA researchers Ron Lee and Jorge Bravo were part of a panel on aging populations in a conference organized by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) in Ottawa, Canada. Their contribution was covered in Lokole magazine.


28 October 2008: An article in The Guardian titled Experts decry absence of social security in Nigeria was based on an interview with Nigerian NTA researcher Adedoyin Soyibo and other reporting from an NTA National Dissemination Workshop that took place in Abuja A_Soyibo_TheGuardian_October_28_2008

On the IDRC website

The NTA project is prominently featured in several places on the IDRC website. Among other write-ups, an article, titled "Balancing the needs of young and old" by Louise Guénette talks about the different challenges posed by demographic change, and how the NTA project helps policymakers to address these. “NTA research is important because it helps governments weight the needs of different age groups when designing policies to protect the most vulnerable generations,” says IDRC senior program specialist Edgard Rodriguez.








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