NTA12 Agenda Day Four

A1 Research for age-aware policymaking, Chair: Osaretin Adonri

DD and SDGs in Africa, Latif Dramani

The MIPAA 15 years later. Experiences and lessons from selected countries in West and Central Africa. Regional perspectives, Gilena Teiseira de Andrada and Jean-Baptiste Oga

The National Transfer Accounts and the 2016 demographic dividend report for Nigeria. What have we learned, Olanrewaju Olaniyan, Adedoyin Soyibo, Akanni O. Lawanson, Noah Olasehinde, Diene Keita, Osaretin Adonri and Andat Dasogot

A2 Workshop: NTA and Public Policy, Chair: Sang-Hyop Lee

Workshop on NTA and policy. Panel discussion, Sang-Hyop Lee

Successful policy communication. Key points, Sidney Westley

A3 Workshop: "Selling" NTA: The elevator speech, Chair: Sidney Westley

The elevator speech, Sidney Westley

When opportunity knocks. Elevator speech exercise, Sidney Westley

A4 Gender dynamics of demographic dividends, Chair: Morné Oosthizen

The effect of gender inequity on the achievement of the second demographic dividend in Ghana, Eugenia Amporfu, Eric Arthur, and Jacob Nonvignon

Gender dividends in Southern Africa. Botswana, Mauritius, Namibia, Swaziland, and South Africa, Morné Oosthizen

A5 Results from National Demographic Dividend Observatories, Chair: Armand Philiippe Tobossi

Burkina Faso. Establishment of the National Demographic Dividend Observatory, Soabou Diallo and Gustave Bambara

Cote dIvoires NTA profile and National Demographic Dividend Observatory, Moustapha Hinin and Fatoumata Diarrassouba

B1 Education and demographic dividends, Chair: Bruno Melo

Decomposing the impact of increased educational attainment on Singapores demographic dividend, 1970-2010, Christopher Gee and Fengqing Chao

First demographic dividend and public education expenditure in Brazil. A relationship derived from around 5,000 municipalities, 2014, Eduardo Rios-Neto and Bruno Melo

The effect of education on the demographic dividend. An analysis of the Brazilian case, Bruno Melo and Eduardo Rios-Neto

B2 Training: Transfers, Chair: Tanja Istenič

Workshop. Transfers, Tanja Istenič

B3 NTA in policy frameworks, Chair: Michael R.M. Abrigo

Impact of the demographic transition and its consequences for the achievement of the SDGs in El Salvador, Werner Peña

The impact of RPRH law implementation on poverty reduction in the Philippines, Michael R.M. Abrigo, Aniceto C. Orbeta, and Alejandro N. Herrin

B4 NTA and social protection systems, Chair: Miguel Sanchez-Romero

Addressing lifecycle consumption deficits within households. The role of inter-household transfers and social protection in Kenya, Moses Muriithi, Reuben Mutegi, and Germano Mwabu

The impact of reducing pension generosity on schooling and inequality, Miguel Sánchez-Romero and Alexia Prskawetz








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