12th NTA Global Meeting

Wang Feng group

Opportunities and Challenges of the Demographic Transition for Meeting the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals: 12th Global Meeting of the NTA Network, Mexico City, July 23-27, 2018


Agenda and Presentations

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NTA12 Agenda Day One

After welcoming remarks, Day One began with a panel discussion on Opportunities and Challenges of the Demographic Transition for Meeting the 2030 Agenda, the SDGs, and the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development. Presentation sessions then included:

  • The demographic situation and NTAs in Mexico
  • Investment in childhood, adolescence, and youth
  • Gender dividend: Make women's work count
  • Population aging and its economic consequences

NTA12 Agenda Day Two

Presentation sessions on Day Two covered:

  • Historical perspective through NTA
  • Future projections
  • Methodological and technical innovations
  • Population impacts over time
  • Lifecycle deficits over time

Training workshops covered:

  • Longitudinal NTA analysis
  • New to NTA

NTA12 Agenda Day Three

Presentation sessions on Day Three covered:

  • NTA, socioeconomic status, and inequality
  • Integrating market and household economies
  • NTA within nations: Geography and group
  • New results from National Time Transfer Accounts
  • Older persons through the NTA lens

Training workshops covered:

  • NTA by SES
  • Lifecycle deficit

NTA12 Agenda Day Four

On Day Four, presentation sessions covered:

  • Research for age-aware policymaking
  • Gender dynamics of demographic dividends
  • Results from National Demographic Dividend Observatories
  • Education and demographic dividends
  • Education and demographic dividends
  • NTA in policy frameworks
  • NTA and social protection systems

There was a panel discussion on NTA and Public Policy.

Training workshops covered:

  • "Selling" NTA: The elevator speech
  • Transfers

NTA12 Agenda Day Five

Presentation sessions on Day Five covered:

  • Wealth transfers
  • Gender dynamics and the economic lifecycle
  • Intergenerational equity
  • Where will the workers come from?
  • Human capital, assets, and growth

Training workshops covered:

  • Generational Wealth Accounts
  • Asset-based reallocations

This last day also included a general membership meeting.

Photo Gallery

Photos from Day One provided by the Consejo Nacional de Poblacion in Mexico (CONAPO)

Photos taken by Wang Feng

Photos taken by Sidney Westley








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