NTA12 Agenda Day Three

A1 NTA, socioeconomic status, and inequality, Chair: Rene Lazcano

Gender and socioeconomic gaps in Colombia in 2014 using National Transfer and Time Accounts, Jorge Tovar and B. Piedad Urdinola

Regional disparity in Indonesias demographic dividend, Maliki

LCD in Brazil by SES, René Lazcano, Cassio Turra, and Fernando Fernandes

A2 Workshop: NTA by SES, Chair: B. Piedad Urdinola

Discussion session: Uses of NTA by SES, Chair: Miguel Sánchez Romero

Workshop on NTA by socio-econoomic status. Select Asian perspectives, M.R. Narayana

NTA by SES, Sang-Hyop Lee

A3 Integrating market and household economies, Chair: Michael R.M. Abrigo

The national and household economy in Poland. Production and consumption of men and women, Agnieszka Chloń-Domińczak

Valuing unpaid work in the Philippines, Michael R.M. Abrigo

A4 NTA within nations: Geography and group, Chair: Debolina Bhaumik

Material welfare in Benin. Is there any differentiation by sex and place of residence, Detonji Camille Guidime

National Transfer Accounts and inequality. Race and the economic lifecycle in South Africa in 2015, Morné Oosthuizen

Gender, residence and social group differential in lifecycle deficit in India, Debolina Bhaumik and L. Ladusingh

B1 Cross-country comparative perspectives, Chair: Concepció Patxot

Older persons in Malaysia and Indonesia, T.A. Hamid, A.H. Sharifah, Maliki, M.D. Hazwan, and S.T. Chai

Economic dependency and organization of the transfer system in 25 EU countries, Tanja Istenič and Jože Sambt

The unequal impact of the crisis by age. An analysis based on National Transfer Accounts, Meritxell Solé, Giorgos Papadomichelakis, Guadalupe Souta, Elisendra Rentería, and Concepció Patxot

B2 Training: Lifecycle deficit, Chair: Michael R.M. Abrigo

Estimating NTA lifecycle account age profiles, Michael R.M. Abrigo

B3 NTA within nations: Region, Chair: Jean-Babtiste Oga

Measuring National Transfer Accounts from an intra-country perspective. A first release for Canadian provinces, Marcel Mérette and Julien Navaux

Analysis of regional disparities in Benins economic dependency, Idossou Jean-Baptiste Oga and Barthélémy Biao

B4 New results from National Time Transfer Accounts, Chair: Muhammad Moshiur Rahman

National time transfer accounts in Poland, Marta Marszalek

Gender differences in home production and consumption in Uruguay, Marisa Bucheli, Celia González, and Cecilia Lara

Gender-based intergenerational flows. Evidence from Bangladesh NTTA, Muhammad Moshiur Rahman

B5 Older persons through the NTA lens, Chair: Sharifah Haron

The sources of population aging and its economic impact in the Republic of Korea, Hyun Kyung Kim and Sang-Hyop Lee

Intergenerational equity, poverty, and inequality for the elderly. Evidence from India, M.R. Narayana

Financing the old-age deficit in Malaysia, A.H. Sharifah, H.T. Aizan, M.D. Hazwan, and A.G. Judhiana








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