NTA12 Agenda Day Two

Session A1: Historical Perspective through NTA, Chair: Joze Sambt

Chinas age of abundance. Tracking changes with NTA analyses, Ke Shen (Fudan University), Wang Feng (University of California, Irvine/Fudan University), and Yong Cai (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Labor income and lifecycle deficits of the elderly in Taiwan, 1985 vs 2015, An-Chi Tung

Giving and receiving transfers in the 20th and 21st Centuries in Slovenia, Jože Sambt and Tanja Istenič

Session A2: Workshop: Longitudinal NTA analysis, Julien Navaux

Workshop. Longitudinal NTA analysis, Julien Navaux

Session A3: Future Projections, Chair: Vladimir Kozlov

Applying the economic support ratio to Canadian provinces between 1998 and 2060, Marcel Mérette and Julien Navaux

NTA in Russia. Current situation and projections, M. Denissenko and Vladimir Kozlov

Session A4: Methodological and Technical Innovations, Chair: Cecile Zoungrana

Estimating NTTA from a single piece of housework time information, Jordana Cristina, Simone Wajnman, and Cassio Turra

Session B1: Population Impacts over Time, Chair: Latif Dramani

The contribution of in-migration to the first demographic dividend in Singapore, 1970-2010, Christopher Gee and Fengqing Chao

The unequal impact on different age groups of the financial crisis in Spain and other countries. An analysis based on National Transfer Accounts, Meritxell Solé, Giorgos Papadomichelakis, Guadalupe Souto, Elisendra Rentería, and Concepció Patxot

Africas Demographic Dividend. An elusive window of opportunity, Latif Dramani and Cheikh Mbacké

Session B2: Training: New to NTA, Gretchen Donehower

Training. New to NTA, Gretchen Donehower

Aggregate Control Worksheet, Gretchen Donehower

Session B3: Lifecycle Deficits over Time, Chair: Soyibo Adedoyin

Financing the life cycle deficit in Costa Rica. Challenges for a rapidly aging population, Pamela Jiménez-Fontana

Economic lifecycle deficit in Nigeria, 2004-2016. Assessment and policy implications, Olanrewaju Olaniyan, Adedoyin Soyibo, Akanni O. Lawanson and Noah Olasehinde

Session B4: Workshop on NTA by Sex and NTTA, Gretchen Donehower

NTTA and NTA by sex, Gretchen Donehower








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